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This instant online remapper substitutes one keyboard layout for another and is particularly useful for those who have to type text on systems where for a number of reasons they cannot change keyboard layout setting to what they are used to. It may be a public library or office computer, an internet cafe or kiosk computer, especially abroad, or just someone else's computer. If you need any particular keyboard remapping that is missing here or have a comment or suggestion, please let the author know at the email address on the top of this page. Otherwise, just enjoy using this free service. Also feel free to link to this page and let others know about it. This script may be saved locally and used offline, though it will not be updated automatically if changed at its web location.

Warning Due to currently existing limitations of the languages used to implement this page certain features like CapsLock, NumLock / Numeric KeyPad etc. may not always behave the way they are expected to. Also, not all the features are guaranteed to be compatible with all the operating system / browser combinations. However the choice of JavaScript / DHTML has many advantages that compensate for their limitations. For instance, this script is highly interactive, transparent, completely client side so it does not send any user information to the server and can work offline as well. We tried our best to overcome the limitations mentioned above and will be glad to hear any comments and / or suggestions on improvement of this script.
For those interested in technical details, some of the JavaScript (JScript) / Dynamic HTML limitations are:
- Impossible to determine the status for CapsLock, NumLock, etc.
- Impossible to distinguish different mathods of typing identical characters, such as using the main keyboard and the numeric keypad
- For some browsers there is no good way to replace the character typed with another character
- Not all the keys typed can be intercepted
- Not all the key codes are standardized
- In some browsers dynamic resizing of textareas does not work
- In some browsers 'disabled' does not work for text boxes
The list may be continued.

Technical Information